About Us


Vivify is made up of a group of highly motivated creative thinkers whose life passions are to create, communicate and inspire. As designers, communicators, strategists and technologists, we’re on a single-minded mission - to inject life into brands and vivify the way they communicate with the world.

We understand that people choose products or services not just because it meets their functional checklist. Their purchase decisions also depend on how a brand makes them feel. We believe brands have the power to move people through the way it communicates. The best thing about this is, a brand has great control over whether it draws people in or repels them.

Our task is to help you gain control over how your brand comes across its target audience. At Vivify, we combine solid strategy with creative thinking to deliver effective and efficient communications. The end product is a brand that speaks with new life and in a voice unlike others in its category.


Brands. There’s nothing more exciting to us than being able to help your brand find its voice and be heard amongst the noise and clutter of the marketplace.

We truly believe brands have the power to inspire love beyond reason. But before it can reach its full potential, we first have to discover what makes it stand out against the other players. Not to worry, every brand has that little bit of magic that makes it unique. It just takes some hard work, a lot of TLC and a little imagination to find it.


We want to play.

That doesn’t mean creating fluff or making stuff up. We’ll do serious research to understand your brand and its vision. Then we’ll develop a communications strategy as a foundation for creating communications that resonate deeply with your target audience.

So come play with us. Let’s make your brand the most memorable brand it can be.

Think Big, Think Beyond.

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